Labor Analytics

Using primary research and scenario modeling to guide location strategy


Deep Expertise, Holistic Approach

Mark Seeley

Kristin Sexton

Driven by relentless innovation, we have over 25 years experience pioneering modern site selection. Our experienced advisory and real estate professionals deploy distinctive skill sets and unprecedented analytic capacity to deliver superior results for clients.

Unparalleled Intelligence & Technology

Using primary research and scenario modeling to guide location decisions, labor analytics is the only source for robust, evidence-based answers to employers’ biggest questions about where to find the right talent, right now.

Following Labor Analytics’ lead, supporting site selection with widely available demographic and economic data has become the industry standard. But labor markets are dynamic, and public data sets are not. We capture what’s happening in real-time, enabling perspective on an evolving landscape that translates to real advantage for our clients. 

End-to-End Solutions, Executable Strategies

Our solutions are rooted in deep understanding of what it takes to execute successfully. We partner with all lines of business to design strategies that are both simple to understand and seamless to implement.

Services we provide:

  • Existing locations/Workforce strategy
  • New locations
  • Real estate transaction services 
  • Market assessments and deep dives
  • Self-serve analytics 
  • Economic incentives

CBRE Consulting

Optimizing costs is key to realizing your business’s full potential. Learn more about how our labor experts provide end-to-end solutions and executable strategies with CBRE Consulting.

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