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Energy Management

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Decrease your business risk and total cost of ownership while reducing your carbon emissions

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Energy Management

Benefit from a digitally enabled, fully integrated facility management organization and a decarbonization approach that is methodical, transparent and auditable at every stage. By combining on-site teams, consultative subject matter experts and leading edge tools, we deliver data-driven solutions for energy efficiency, carbon neutrality and asset performance. 

Our expert team is composed of U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) LEED Accredited Professionals with specialties in O&M, ID&C, and BD&C rating systems, WELL Accredited Professionals, BREEAM In-Use Licensed Assessors, ENERGY STAR accredited professionals, certified energy managers, Fitwel Certified Ambassadors, TRUE Zero Waste Advisors, a LEED Fellow, and Green Globes Providers.

Benefits of our program

  • Decreased asset total cost of ownership (ATCO) and reductions in maintenance, energy, carbon and capital costs by 11-15% over the course of the program.
  • Significant reduction in asset downtime and operational risk by boosting asset reliability and condition.
  • Levelized, targeted, and prioritized capital spend to maximize investment efficiency.
  • Targeted capital planning based on total cost of ownership (maintenance, utility, capital, business risk and carbon emissions) vs. equipment age and condition.
  • Immediate upgrade of all high-risk assets using CBRE’s Efficiency as a Service program –at no up-front cost.
  • Immediate reduction in emergency repair costs.
  • Reduced work order open times, equipment downtime, and energy costs through CBRE’s remote monitoring and diagnostics tool.
  • Optimized capital spend through CBRE's global supply chain program, leveraging our scale and buying power with strategic suppliers.
  • Equipment-level benchmarking of asset performance demonstrating high costs, opportunities for savings and real estate planning purposes.
  • Portfolio decarbonization acceleration and significant impact to ESG targets and commitments.

Client Snapshots

  • Pharma Distribution Company

    CBRE provided $4.8M in energy program savings with 20.5M kilowatt-hour consumption reduction in 2021

  • Information Management Company

    CBRE generates an average of $2.5M annually in energy savings

  • Financial Services Company

    CBRE and partners featured in the U.S. Department of Energy’s Better Buildings Challenge

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Creating Resilience

Sustainability Starts with Energy Management

Explore energy management innovations and recommendations that can help point the way toward net-zero carbon emissions

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