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The Integrated Business Intelligence Platform for Commercial Real Estate

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VP, GWS Insights Leader

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CBRE Vantage Analytics is your partner at the cross-section of data and real estate. Tap into the industry’s most robust benchmarking and research data, and realize centralized, integrated and automated reporting.

Democratize access to portfolio insights and trends through intuitive and highly visual dashboards.

Key Benefits

  • Enable proactive business decisions and operational transparency
  • Interpret data at scale to answer meaningful questions and enhance portfolio strategy
  • Uncover actionable insights that drive measurable business outcomes

CBRE Vantage Analytics leverage utilization data
CBRE Vantage Analytics work order generation
CBRE Vantage Analytics work order summary
CBRE Vantage Analytics project budget adherence

Insights that Matter

Strategic Planning & Portfolio Analysis

Uncover real estate trends, and leverage market insights and benchmarking to empower smarter portfolio decisions.

Project Management and Delivery

Seamless and comprehensive capital program oversight and project delivery that ensure controls are in place to manage budgets and spend, while identifying risks and cost saving opportunities.

Workplace Strategy & Occupancy Planning

Leverage occupancy and utilization data to empower, anticipate and unlock opportunities within your portfolio.

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Facilities management and operational performance

Mitigate risk, control costs, and maintain service quality levels, while capturing key portfolio insights that facilitate growth.

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