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Outsourcing your real estate operations is a big decision

Need a decision framework for your CRE operations?

At CBRE, our clients focus on what they do best while we concentrate on optimizing their real estate to empower them. We know that just as your people and business require cross-functional collaboration and constant optimization for success, so too does your real estate portfolio – connecting your assets and your occupied spaces together into a global strategy that can deliver maximum value.

Through strategic business engagement, integrated solutions, data intelligence, and continuous innovation, we deliver meaningful benefits by enhancing your employee experience, delivering cost efficiencies, mitigating risk, and creating tangible value across your portfolio.

Commercial real estate has evolved past being a line item on your P&L

With global events changing the shape of the workplace, greater expectations for an optimized supply chain and the right talent to solve their operational challenges, commercial real estate and total cost of occupancy (TCO) have evolved past being a list of assets on a balance sheet. In the wake of the pandemic, many C-Suite executives are rethinking the role of space, teams, culture, and cost. Access to real-time line of sight into facility costs, condition, space utilization, energy consumption, and capital priorities has never been more important. 

For any portfolio, the end goals are the same:

  1. Enable your business and people
  2. Uncover liability/manage risk
  3. Create efficiencies/manage costs
  4. Optimize footprint

Optimizing your commercial real estate portfolio can be a complex undertaking for businesses, particularly without a partner to support them. Learn more about how corporations are embracing strategic outsourcing partnerships for end-to-end real estate services as a method of standardizing delivery, improving resilience, and improving top- and bottom-line financial performance.

What percentage of your industry's portfolios are outsourced?

Average % of Portfolio Outsourced

Source: CBRE Research derived from publicly available information

Your business will transform

Navigating transitions, people first


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Minimize disruption and retain valuable talent

Transitioning talent in an outsourcing scenario can be challenging for employers, who need to ensure continuity while balancing labor relations issues, business needs, and individual employee concerns. Outsourcing providers with deep experience in managing change will ensure the process is as smooth as possible, minimizing disruption and cost while retaining valuable employees.

Future-proofing during unprecedented times

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A multinational media firm optimizes facility strategy in the nick of time

After tapping CBRE for an operational overhaul 2019, this global content powerhouse’s facilities were uniquely positioned to weather the pandemic and continue to drive value for their organization.

The fundamentals of change management


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Organizational change impacts how people do their jobs

Although change is about moving to a future state, change management goes a step further by equipping and enabling impacted employees to transition from their current state to their future state. When outcomes depend on employees adopting the change and doing their jobs differently, change management is essential for delivering those results and outcomes.

In today's world, businesses demand more from their real estate footprint - powering their workforce, their supply chain, and in some cases, their communities.  All of this while focusing on the day-to-day needs of their core business.
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