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Fitting Out a Future-Ready White Space: Strategies to Save Time and Capital Throughout the Data Center Lifecycle


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As our world digitizes, the data center industry has experienced unprecedented growth, putting pressure on owners to “future-ready” their white space.

The necessity for increased use of digital technologies to support new ways of working, communicating and doing business has greatly increased our day-to-day and even minute-to-minute reliance on data centers. Key drivers include the following:

  • Internet of Things (IoT) convergence
    Home, smart building, industry 4.0.
  • Content delivery
    Video conferencing, streaming, social media, cloud apps, gaming.
  • Disruptive models
    Bitcoin, blockchain, vehicle sharing.

The computational demands being placed on data centers is increasing exponentially, putting pressure on operators to “future-ready” their assets. Uncover key and cost-effective strategies to improve data center fit outs to meet today’s demands—and tomorrow’s challenges.

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