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Customer Relationship Management has a heightened importance

CBRE & CoreNet Global surveyed 186 real estate executives on their management practices. Here is what we found.

February 21, 2023 3 Minute Read


About this study

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CBRE Institute’s and CoreNet Global’s multi-year longitudinal research project partnership monitors both established and emerging practices in the Corporate Real Estate (CRE) industry. This year’s study surveyed 186 CRE leaders in H2 2022. Respondents oversee combined portfolios of nearly 1.6 billion square feet worldwide, with an average portfolio size of 17.2 million square feet and an average team size of 173 full-time employees.

Additional insights will be released in a 5-part series throughout Q1 2023.

This segment focuses on enterprise alignment.

Overarching Themes

The top three C-level positions that CRE continues to report into include the CFO, the COO or the CHRO.

CRM (Customer Relationship Management) and Portfolio Planning continue to grow in significance.

Alignment continues to build between CRE and partner functions such as HR, IT, procurement, legal, finance and safety.

CRE Reporting Structure

The top three C-level positions that CRE continues to report into include the CFO, the COO or the CHRO. From this research and historical information, CBRE Institute finds that reporting structures often vary by industry. For example, Financial Services CRE teams often report into the CFO, Healthcare CRE teams generally report to the COO, and we are seeing a growing trend with Tech/Media/Telecommunications CRE teams reporting into CHRO functions.

Which of the following C-level executives does CRE ultimately report into?

Source: CBRE and CoreNet Global annual study, Dec. 2022.


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