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Relocation of DOD at Skyline

5109 Skyline


The relocation of the Government during a lease term is a near administrative impossibility because of Government workload.  The challenge was to get the attention of GSA and DOD with a proposal for a Landlord-paid relocation of a portion of the tenancy to another building under the Landlord’s control.


  • The Landlord wanted to relocate the Department of Defense (“DOD”) during the lease term out of a largely vacant building to another adjacent building so that the building could be repositioned and sold.
  • The Government agreed to a Landlord-paid relocation of a portion of the tenancy and a continuation of the lease term.
  • The remaining tenancy relocated into federally owned space allowing the Landlord to meet the obligations of the building sale.


  • CBRE was successful in negotiating a lease modification to allow for a relocation of a portion of the DOD tenancy while the Government relocates the remaining tenancy to a federally-owned space.
  • The relocation was completed on time and the space was accepted by the tenant.  The lease will retain the remaining five-year term.

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