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People Watching: What Workforce Disruption Means for Employers

August 30, 2022 32 Minute Listen


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With Labor Day nearly here, two labor experts—Cornell University’s Alexander Colvin and CBRE’s Chris Volney join Spencer Levy to offer insights on how companies are shifting their hiring, employee retention and location strategies in the competition for the best talent.

People Watching: What Workforce Disruption Means for Employers

August 30, 2022 32 Minute Listen


Photo of Alexander Colvin, Ph.D.

Alexander Colvin, Ph.D.

Dean, Industrial and Labor Relations School, Cornell University

Alexander Colvin is the Dean and Professor of Conflict Resolution at the ILR School, Cornell University. His research and teaching focuses on employment dispute resolution, with a particular emphasis on procedures in nonunion workplaces and the impact of the legal environment on organizations. His current research projects include empirical investigations of employment arbitration and cross-national studies of dispute resolution. He is an academic fellow of the Labor and Employment Relations Association.

Photo of Chris Volney

Chris Volney

Managing Director

Chris Volney is a Managing Director of Client Strategy with CBRE’s Labor Analytics, based in San Francisco, CA. Chris has over 12 years of experience in real estate and location advisory consulting and has developed a primary focus helping fast-growing technology companies identify new expansion markets that are aligned with both their current and long-term organizational objectives and their unique corporate values and culture.


Photo of Spencer Levy

Spencer Levy

Global Client Strategist & Senior Economic Advisor, CBRE

Spencer Levy is Global Client Strategist and Senior Economic Advisor for CBRE, the largest commercial real estate services firm in the world. In this role, he focuses on client engagement and public-facing activities, including thought leadership work performed in conjunction with CBRE Research. He also serves as Co-Chair of the Real Estate Roundtable’s Research Committee.

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