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Global Tech Talent Guidebook 2024: European View

February 19, 2024 5 Minute Read

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The Global Tech Talent Guidebook is a comprehensive resource covering 75 cities globally, with over 30 of them located in Europe. The guidebook provides insights into labour market characteristics and other factors that drive the distribution of tech skills across different geographies and is a vital source of information for decision-makers across a number of key areas, including corporate location and hiring strategy.

Demand for tech talent is not confined to the technology industry itself – it is an increasingly critical factor for growth and innovation across a wide range of sectors, including finance and professional services. With European unemployment at historic lows, and under 5% in a number of key cities, skill shortages in some of the fastest-growing fields make it particularly important to understand where and why skills pools are growing. 

The region encompasses well-established and globally important markets, tech ecosystems of national and regional significance, as well as several fast-growing emerging cities.

Within the guide, we examine various factors that have a broader impact, including: 

  • The share of working-age population - over 65% across much of Europe – and its growth rate
  • The proportion of the workforce that is degree-educated
  • Living costs relative to tech wages, which is a key factor for mobile workers. Even in high-cost European cities such as London and Paris, tech salaries are high enough to constrain housing cost ratios to less than 20% of total income
  • The availability and cost of commercial real estate
Share of working-age population across Europe
Tech salaries constrain housing cost ratios to less than 20% of total income in Europe
Discover key insights in the Global Tech Talent Guidebook, including detailed profiles of key metrics for each main market, an interactive map to engage with the data, and our commentary on major tech talent trends and issues such as the rise of second-tier cities and the competitive pursuit of AI talent.


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