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Global Tech Talent Guidebook 2024

Worldwide Demand for Tech Talent Opens Up New Markets

February 14, 2024 18 Minute Read


Looking for a PDF of this content?

Looking for a PDF of this content?

About This Report

The Global Tech Talent Guidebook is a comprehensive analysis of labor supply, cost and quality that will help decision-makers meet critical business and innovation objectives, including corporate location and hiring strategy. The distribution of tech talent around the world is the result of several factors that have produced large clusters of tech workers in certain markets. These factors include labor market conditions, quality of life, demographics, educational attainment, capital funding and the availability and cost of real estate.

The Guidebook identifies 75 global markets as “powerhouse,” “established” or “emerging.” Powerhouse markets are major urban centers with large tech talent pools, mature tech ecosystems, stable regulatory environments, access to capital and the ability to attract tech entrepreneurs and talent from across the world. Established markets have similar characteristics but on a smaller scale, wielding more regional than global strength. Emerging markets are rapidly developing tech ecosystems that have some but not all of the key ingredients to become more established, including workforce skills and a concentration of homegrown tech companies.

This analysis also provides insight into how the size and depth of each market’s tech talent pool contributes to real estate demand.

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Companies across the world are looking farther afield for more tech talent workers to deploy new, transformative technologies like artificial intelligence for operational efficiencies.

In some markets, demand for tech talent is beginning to outstrip supply, particularly for highly skilled workers in programming, hardware engineering and data analysis and management. In North America alone, tech talent encompasses 20 different occupations that drive innovation across all industry sectors.

The tech sector has traditionally been an accelerator of economic transformation, as businesses and consumers increasingly rely on new and improved tech products and services. It has become a larger part of the global economy and has driven innovation and collaboration across geographic boundaries.

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