Steven Roth

LP - Vice Chairman

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Professional Experience

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700 Commerce Drive
Oak Brook, IL 60523

A 30+ year veteran of the mortgage banking industry, Steve Roth has structured and arranged over $14 billion in capital for more than 900 commercial real estate transactions, and is frequently named among the industry’s top producers. With extensive relationships, Mr. Roth has built strong institutional relationships between both capital providers and capital users.

With a comprehensive understanding of the capital markets, Mr. Roth has built a market presence by assisting clients with structuring a capital plan that integrates into the execution of their business plan. Working extensively with both institutional and entrepreneurial owners of real estate has allowed Mr. Roth to understand the needs of the broader market. This depth has allowed Steve to structure complex financial solutions for a myriad of capital users.

Steve is also a member of CBRE National Partners, twenty-three industry leaders acting as one within a partnership model. They deliver superior information, analytics and strategy leading to exceptional execution over the industrial investment property life cycle and across the capital stack. For more information please visit