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Integrated Strategies for Optimized Asset Performance

Sound Operational Strategies Have Never Been More Important for Your Energy Facilities

Ready to Optimize Your Real Estate Strategy?

Energy and resources companies are experiencing transformational change and are increasingly under pressure from stakeholders to show progress towards financial, sustainability and organizational objectives. For innovative companies in the energy and resources sector, critical assets, including retail, petrochemical facilities and mining and minerals sites, play a pivotal role in achieving these objectives. An integrated approach to optimizing your real estate portfolio will ensure cost savings now, through automation, smart facilities and reduced energy consumption, while allowing you to gain competitive advantage by focusing on long-term value creation in sustainable sourcing and decarbonization, mergers and acquisitions, and building the next-generation workforce.

By streamlining and simplifying operations, we help our clients deliver innovative strategies that reduce costs, reduce risk, and increase productivity without compromising safety. We leverage our reach and local knowledge to ensure that our client’s real estate operational needs are met, from remote locations to the densest metropolitan areas.

We Take a Customized Approach to Your Portfolio Strategy

We believe the Energy and Resources companies that involve their real estate and facilities teams early in key organizational initiatives will be more successful in achieving their desired business outcomes. The right real estate partner can unlock hidden value from your unique real estate portfolio, at scale, and help you fuel a successful transition into the new-energy economy.

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