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Automated Maintenance

Automated Maintenance leverages building technology systems, IoT sensors, and advanced tools to automate maintenance tasks, which reduces costs while lowering downtime and improving compliance.

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A Smarter Way to Manage Your Facilities

Make data-driven decisions for preventative and regulatory compliance maintenance tasks by leveraging existing and new building technology systems including building automation, control systems, and IoT devices.

Through analysis of building data and constant monitoring of asset and system health, we determine when to deploy technicians across your portfolio, eliminating much of the traditional time-based maintenance inspection work. The outcome is reduced risk of failure, lower total cost of ownership, and decreased energy emissions through a more efficient maintenance strategy.

If you are seeking to optimize your maintenance teams’ efficiency and gain control of your facilities, connect with us to learn more about our Automated Maintenance solutions.

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  • Lower maintenance cost and maintenance time

  • Improve asset uptime and reliability

  • Reduce total cost of asset ownership

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