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Dynamic Services

Dynamic Services leverage IoT sensors to detect occupancy and usage so Facilities Management teams can be more responsive to the needs of building occupants improving client satisfaction, reducing consumable waste, and lowering total cost of occupancy.

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A Smarter Way to Keep Your Facilities Clean and Healthy

Optimize cleaning service delivery and enhance occupant experience through IoT sensors and technology-driven data instead of anecdotal and incomplete observations. Generate ideal cleaning schedules and activities based on actual customer and performance criteria for enhanced efficiency. By analyzing sensor data, we determine when to deploy cleaning and maintenance staff across your portfolio, which allows teams to replace supplies that are actively low and focus on high traffic areas. By anticipating peak traffic times, we can pre-clean and stock areas, providing optimal occupant experience. This lowers total cost of ownership, lowers consumable waste, and increases efficient staffing.

If you are seeking to optimize your teams’ efficiency and gain control of your facilities, connect with us to learn more about our Dynamic Services.

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  • Lower Janitorial Costs

  • Reduce Waste

  • Enhance Occupant Experience

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