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CBRE Technical Solutions leverages smart-enabled technology and industry leading talent to achieve safe, reliable, and compliant building operations at an unbeatable cost advantage while also supporting sustainability and workplace experience objectives.

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World-Class Technical Maintenance Solutions

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We are Realizing Potential in Every Dimension™ of your facilities. We know our clients face ever-increasing pressures to find the right maintenance systems, methodologies, and resources to maintain their facilities. Falling short in any area increases business disruption risk while driving up maintenance costs. We solve for this problem by aligning our globally consistent smart-enabled tools and strategies with measurably superior technical talent and asset optimization. Our ability to deploy the right people, with the right tools and processes specific to each client, ensures we deliver world-class outcomes. We attract and retain superior technical staff, with a relentless focus on risk management and continuous improvement to provide "peace-of-mind maintenance" for clients across all industry sectors.

Our Featured Offerings

We can meet your facilities management needs no matter the property type or industry.

  • Safety, Compliance & Risk: Realize the safest, most compliant, and reliable workplaces through implementation of CBRE’s industry-leading safety, com-pliance assurance, and risk management solutions.
  • Operations & Maintenance: Achieve the most cost-efficient operating model through the combination of optimized self-performance, CBRE's procurement advantage, industry standards, best practices in reliability engineering, and embedded smart solutions.
  • Asset Optimization: Enhance asset performance, reduce emissions, and manage costs effectively by ensuring comprehensive and precise asset data, helping find the right balance between efficiency and reliability.

Smart FM Solutions

Achieve increased efficiency and operational reliability while reducing carbon and lowering cost with connected building automation, IoT, AI, and advanced analytics solutions that leverage people, processes, and integrated technology.


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