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We leveraged a property’s unique strengths to craft a campaign with email open rates 33% higher than industry standards—and won a MUSE Creative Award.

237 at First

237@First is a San Jose office campus comprising two Class A mid-rise buildings and an outdoor plaza. Positioned right off Interstate 237, it boasts a great location and excellent amenities, but it risked sinking into anonymity in the shadow of nearby Microsoft, Google and Samsung campuses. Matters weren’t helped by the state of the existing marketing—which is to say no marketing at all. 

Calibre Creative Group began our efforts by crafting a brand centered on individual empowerment designed to create a sense of dynamism, energy and freedom—a great fit for the tech startups the broker team hoped to attract.

In order to fulfill the potential of 237@First’s brand, it would need to be activated in a distinct way. 237@First had just such a medium waiting in the wings, but it wasn’t anything in the conventional commercial real estate marketing playbook.

The "Find it Here" Campaign

237@First has a digital pylon billboard visible from Interstate 237. Though it was traditionally used by tenants to advertise their services, Calibre recognized that this platform could just as easily be used to advertise the property itself. 

This billboard is located directly in front of the building and right off the interstate seen by 140,000 passersby per day. The speed and flow of traffic meant that the audience would need to be able to read all the information within just three seconds.

Calibre met this challenge with the “Find it Here” campaign. We developed the campaign’s concept to highlight the property’s amenities in a way that feels fresh, distinct and designed to create an emotional connection with the audience. 

The “Find it Here” concept showcases the value of 237@First to connect, empower, and delight tenants in unique ways, focusing on the unexpected benefits of using the property’s amenities. To achieve the necessary simplicity, the campaign focused on a primary image as the focal point with minimal and easily readable supporting text. Each sign featured a unique benefit and let the audience know that they could “find it here” at 237@First.

237atFirst Case Study Find it Here Campaign graphic 

The signage was displayed for nine months, with messaging refreshed every three months. This unconventional strategy raised awareness about 237@First in San Jose and among potential tenants (140,000 people a day is no joke), but targeting key brokers would amplify its impact. 

Calibre took the strengths of the exterior signage campaign and translated them into an email series with expanded information and visuals. The email campaign boasted open rates 33% higher than the industry benchmark, and delighted the team at 237@First. 

And as for the signage campaign? For that, Calibre took home a Silver MUSE Creative Award competing against such company as Paramount Global, Mastercard, Unilever, and General Motors.


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