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The Belward Campus

We developed a robust, nuanced brand and corresponding award-winning collateral that brings to life and balances the Belward Campus’ functions as a future innovation epicenter and a state-of-the-art, life-inclusive work environment.


With 1.5 million square feet weaving across 60 acres of preserved land and parks, finding the right voice for The Belward Campus was a multi-billion dollar tightrope walk, with the site’s pastoral legacy and the promise of the project’s future at stake. At its core, the story of the Belward Campus is about balancing disparate parts to achieve a singular purpose.

Four key elements presented themselves: the project's scale, the site's history, the potential of the life-sciences, and the beauty of natural environment. It was tempting to lean into just one of these elements, but we knew the best brand would come from making room for all of them. It wasn't as simple as theorizing about how to balance them.

To realize the potential of the Belward Campus, we had to strike the right balance in everything: the colors, the photography, the type, the design accents, and, most importantly, in the logo.

The Logo

The primary mark was designed to represent Belward—the past, present, and future. It uses three key elements to make its mark. The design coalesces into something immediately recognizable but not showy, something both modern and timeless.


The Palette

The color palette combines the natural colors of the existing environment with the modern sheen of life sciences. The primary color, “Shady Green,” is a nod to Belward’s location in Shady Grove, Maryland. Holistically, the brand colors are a microcosm of the campus itself—rising organically from the existing landscape with bold and innovative aspirations.


The Particles

The Belward Campus uses a particle design element to visually represent the balance between “life” and “science.” From the stars above to the soil underneath, particles make up everything in the universe. They communicate the lab campus’ macro and micro impact on the greater community.

Particle patterns, in various states, evoke balance and are used to indicate the introduction of new ideas as well as reiterations and conclusions. Connector lines are used to represent community, connectivity, and activity on campus. They guide the user to key information and act as extensions of the campus itself, a subtle way of incorporating the rolling landscape into the brand.


The Prospect Package

These design solutions came together in The Belward Campus' prospect package, a uniquely interactive and customizable presentation that encompasses the whole of the project. As the user unfolds the package that was tailored just for them, they discover the story of The Belward Campus through enticing messaging, artwork, maps, and data figures.

By giving voice to all of the property’s unique themes, from its preserved environment to the potential as an innovation engine, our brand successfully positioned The Belward Campus as a global destination for leaders in life sciences.

Calibre Creative Group understands R.O.I., our vision, and the experience we want to communicate in our collateral. The Prospect Package gives us a ton of flexibility because we can customize to each prospect’s needs while also defining the greater experience for the end user. It’s conscious of cost, the environment, and the audience who will see it. The package and the marketing materials overall represent Belward as world-class development, which is our ultimate intent to deliver to the market.
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