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Second + State

We developed a tailored, forward-thinking brand and collateral that reduced vacancy rates in a struggling asset by 10% in three months and substantially increased touring activity.

Second+State Case Study

Parkside Tower had a problem. As an older, Class B asset in downtown Salt Lake City, it struggled to compete with a new set of Class A offices and was facing high vacancy rates. Ownership had begun a series of capital upgrades, but the property needed a new vision and a fresh identity.

That’s where Calibre Creative Group stepped in. We knew that we had to play to the property’s excellent downtown location, but in order to truly differentiate the property, our brand had to offer more than that. We focused on Parkside Tower as a point of convergence and on the energy, innovation, and drive that a great location can inspire.   

Our efforts began with the first thing any potential tenant would see.

The Name

The rebrand had to start at the core of the property’s identity—its name. The property’s former name, Parkside Tower, had some issues. The property is nowhere near a park, no one knew where the name came from or why it was chosen, and worst of all, it was boring.  

Calibre took up the challenge and after leading a collaborative review with the broker team, we settled on Second + State. It’s a sleek and dignified spin on the property’s address, with a plus chosen over an ampersand as a nod to its location at one of Salt Lake City’s most central intersections.

Second+State location animation

The Logo

Second + State’s logo needed to set it apart from its competitors at a glance. Assembled with two overlapping S shapes as an echo of the property’s name, the logo also reflects the building’s terraced facade. Simple, balanced and with all lines converging into the center, it imparts a sense of centrality, stability and modern precision.

Second+State logo animation

The Brand

Two key visual elements drive Second + State’s energetic, forward-thinking identity. The plus references Second + State’s intersecting location and indicates an elevated yet robust environment. Simply put, the plus suggests more.

The chevron element evokes a sense of momentum, direction and the drive toward success. When it’s on its own, the chevron always faces right—facing left could indicate regression. Two chevrons can be used to intersect each other, playing into the property’s status as a place of convergence.

Second+State pattern animation

[The] team did an amazing job with the new marketing campaign for Second + State. They started the process right by taking the time to get a true understanding of the building, the market, and our challenges associated with rebranding the property…We were faced with vacancy on the rise and needed to find a way to lease space in what has been known as a more traditional Class B building while CBD demand was focused on the nicest, newest Class A product. Since the rebranding of Second + State, we have signed leases with two new law firms and seen a steady activity of tours.
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