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Effective change management requires more than communication. Sustained organizations performance starts with unwavering leadership and deepens through authentic experiences, coaching, and action-based learning. Change management efforts must capture the hearts and minds of everyone involved, strengthening the collective change muscle of the organization.

Our philosophy on change

  • Culture - the context of behavior; it’s what is valued, how work gets done, and why. Change programs should be designed with the uniqueness of your organization’s culture in mind to drive greater organizational adaptiveness and resilience in the context of change.
  • Trust - In the absence of information, people fill the void with rumors. Define your key messages and answers to potential FAQs well in advance and insist on consistency. For undecided factors or areas that are too early to communicate, address when you expect to be able to share more information.
  • Inclusivity - Change is most impactful when it is inclusive. Active engagement with an empowered and committed change network of key stakeholders helps foster transparency, amplify adoption, and provides an important feedback loop.
  • Leadership - Leaders of change must be willing to go first. Their behavior and attitudes influence the behavior and attitudes of their teams. Consistency between words and actions is important to show the change is for real.
  • Agility - An agile approach to delivering change management drives collaboration and focuses efforts where they will have most impact. Through by taking a structured, yet iterative approach, change teams can quickly match the needs and concerns of stakeholders.

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