Network Advisory Services

Bridge the gap between technology and real estate with guidance on hybrid work, cyber security and network design.



Effective and resilient networks are increasingly important for occupiers given the growing reliance on connectivity and digital innovations in the workplace. CBRE Network Advisory Services helps organizations navigate the dynamic landscape of network technology to develop strategies designed to realize cost savings while increasing reliability and optimizing performance.

In order to secure the most favorable pricing and terms on behalf of our clients, we go beyond solution design to vet, select and negotiate service contracts and provide end-to-end implementation management.

Strategic Relationships & Deep Expertise

Our experts have unparalleled knowledge of the latest workplace technologies and strategic relationships with hundreds of service providers to support local, national and internal projects. We help clients of all sizes and across industry verticals to objectively evaluate providers and solutions to reduce costs and enhance end-user performance.

Location-Specific Network Intelligence

We apply proprietary knowledge of physical infrastructure to help clients assess options and feasibility at a granular level. From downtown office or retail space to remote industrial warehouses, we help clients connect services where they are needed.

End-to-end Implementation Management

Ensure services are delivered on time and on budget with end-to-end implementation oversight. As an additional layer of support, our team aids with renewals, upgrades, relocations and any billing issues that arise.

Monetize Cell Tower & Rooftop Assets

Owners and investors look to us for our specialized expertise in telecommunications to unlock the true value of tower and rooftop assets. From valuation services to bid process management, we protect your interests, reduce risk and increase returns without impacting core building operations or value.

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