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ESG benefits unclear due to lack of data

“Lack of quality data” and “uncertainty about benefits” are the biggest challenges for ESG goal implementation. Lack of data was the most common challenge across all regions. “Costs exceeding benefits” and “benefits being unknown or uncertain” were the second and third most common challenges. The opinion that costs exceed benefits may be driven by the lack of data.

The most likely reason why investors ranked “lack of data” as their top challenge is because they are highly concerned about returns, protection of capital and disclosure regulations that make access to quality building data very important.

Occupiers also ranked “lack of data” as their top challenge. Nearly one-quarter of occupier respondents also said their ESG goals didn’t have clear real estate implications. This could suggest a lack of awareness and understanding by occupiers about the role real estate can play in achieving their ESG goals.

Top three challenges for implementing ESG goals:

  1. Poor availability or quality of data (53%)
  2. Costs exceed benefits, making it difficult to justify action (47%)
  3. Benefits are unknown or uncertain (36%)


Figure 19: What are the main challenges in implementing your organization’s ESG goals?

Source: CBRE Global ESG Survey, November 2022.

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