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Multi-channel forecasting models and national development blueprint, along with Canada and Mexico site analysis platform, assist in accelerated expansion planning.

May 27, 2022 4 Minute Read

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Retail Analytics

The Challenge

PANDORA was seeking a market optimization and forecasting solution that could be used across the organization to enhance decision making as they accelerated expansion. They required a customer-centric real estate forecasting model capable of estimating sales potential at future locations across multiple format types and also wanted the market optimization solution to help analyze which locations should be corporate-owned versus franchised. As an additional service, PANDORA hoped to develop a solution for real-time analysis and visualization of locations in Canada and Mexico.

Unique Solution

Retail Analytics used peer spacing analysis enhanced with massive mobile insights from StreetLight Data to create a primary customer trade area model for PANDORA. Retail then performed a best customer lifestyle profile analysis to identify best consumer lifestyle groups across all unit formats for marketing purposes. Using data mining, Retail created unique forecasting models for PANDORA concept stores and calibrated for shop-in-shop and dealer units, both in-mall and off-mall. With these models, Retail conducted a market optimization analysis to identify best new markets for development to maximize revenue and minimize sales transfer risk. Retail also built a performance scorecard to assess the performance level of existing PANDORA units and quantify their market potential. All the analytics were made actionable through Retail's cloud-based SIMMS platform, becoming the first solution resulting from an integrated services meeting jointly presented by CBRE and Retail Analytics. Shortly after their original system delivery, Retail developed a platform for PANDORA to analyze sites in Canada and Mexico — the first Mexico system delivered by Retail.

Exceptional Client Outcome

  • Developed a national real estate development blueprint that identified 222 mall opportunities domestically, plus 1,131 additional off-mall market areas with limited sales transfer risk for all PANDORA unit formats
  • Prioritized the top 10 lifestyle segments representing approximately 33% of all estimated Streetlight sales data for PANDORA concept stores; each segment tells a story of who the customers are and how to best reach them based on lifestyle tendencies and preferences
  • Analyzed 321 PANDORA sites to identify home and work “footprints” of visitors to each location, with the results viewable on maps in SIMMS
  • Identified 176 prospective Canadian markets meeting all pre-defined criteria and prioritized the top 15 markets for new development
With the addition of SIMMS, our field sales team has been able to make informed decisions for new store locations and evaluate existing locations under a new lens. The executive team is pleased with the results and value to long term network planning.
General ManagerPANDORA, US