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CBRE’s trusted specialists in economics, data science, and forecasting at Econometric Advisors deliver the most sought-after analytical real estate research in the world.


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CBRE’s advanced analytical techniques are deployed at a consistency and scale that is unparalleled in the industry. With skillfully managed historical analytical datasets, CBRE economists can consistently analyze characteristics, manage and test forecast models to offer CBRE professionals and clients unique views into the past, and provide credible outlook scenarios for the future. CBRE’s multi-dimensional view advances the commercial real estate industry and delivers transformational outcomes for clients.

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CBRE’s proven economists and data scientists along with a proprietary suite of analytic tools, translate incomplete commercial real estate observations into useful signals. Our network of forecasters provide globally authoritative thought leadership and unrivalled local market intelligence to our professionals and clients. The world’s largest investors rely on CBRE’s clear and consistent findings as these insights influence how they think about their real estate investments.


U.S. Future in Focus | Forecasting with Remote Work Considerations

While the increase in virtual work will impact office space utilization, it will not lead to the end of offices. However, we can expect an acceleration of the existing trend toward employees enjoying more flexibility in where and how they work, and employers determining how best to utilize office space across locations.

EA Insights

EA is CBRE’s forecasting Research group, comprised of professional economists, data scientists and analytical experts.

Platform Data Tools

Hotel Data Tools

  • Econometrically derived quarterly reports analyzing historical and expected performance of 65 major U.S. lodging markets, plus a national summary.

  • Analyze the aggregated financial performance of a group of hotels selected based on customized criteria set by you.

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