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Bespoke analysis to help you make confident decisions, attract more capital, enhance asset performance and drive value for your business.

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Better intel. Bolder ideas.

Strategic Investment Consulting is a boutique team inside the biggest name in commercial real estate. Whether you are looking at a new direction or have a long-established investment position, we can sharpen your strategy by showing you the bigger picture of risk and opportunity.

We pair the largest data repository in real estate with real-time industry insight to provide tailored analysis across all geographies and asset classes, including niche sectors. And our lens extends beyond traditional real estate metrics. Economics. Demographics. Policy. We put them all in focus. So our reports help investors raise more capital, make smarter moves—and gain better outcomes.

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Deep Analysis. High Value.

Anyone can tell you what everyone else is doing. But there isn’t much value in an echo chamber. That’s why we offer custom analysis that can shed light, shake up assumptions, shape decisions and show the best way forward. By leveraging the depth and diversity of our team’s experience, we can cut a path through the data to lead you to the answers you need and put those answers into action.

Our Services

We offer national and market-specific intelligence tailored just for you. No data retreads. No recycled analysis. From one-off datasets to comprehensive white papers, we give our clients exactly what they need to inform their decisions and support their success, including:

  • Recurrent or one-off custom datasets and forecast models
  • Strategy development and market/submarket scoring and selection
  • Third-party market reports for PPM, underwriting or other requirements
  • Materials for fundraising and other investor communication
  • Due diligence and portfolio performance assessments
  • Regular reports, presentations, calls and other retainer research support

Our Clients

Global investors exploring secondary markets. Developers expanding into new asset types. Institutional investors interested in third-party validation. Fund managers seeking support in pitching their opportunities. Large occupiers deciding where to expand and whether to build or buy. Our expertise extends to a range of client types, including:

  • Institutional advisors
  • Fund managers
  • Global investors
  • Developers and operators
  • Real estate lenders
  • Corporate occupiers

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