Integrated Facilities Management

Retail & Multi-Site Facilities Management

Optimize your retail facilities performance and operations with technology and data-driven solutions.

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We provide streamlined facility management operations and support to big box retail, convenience, grocery, and other dispersed retail portfolios. Our technology-led model gives clients access to the largest and most reliable data repository in the industry to revolutionize facility performance, process, and expenses. We provide clients cost-savings, transparency, flexibility, and reliable technicians for each location, all driven by our differentiated commercial real estate capabilities.

Key Advantages

  1. Tech-Enabled Business Model

    Our technology-enabled services put metrics, productivity and quality assurance at your facility manager’s fingertips.
  2. Expert Account Support

    Receive support from dedicated account management teams and 24/7/365 support centers to facilitate your work orders from beginning to end.
  3. Actionable Analytics

    We combine 15 years of industry data points with the latest industry trends to improve your facility performance and processes, creating cost-savings and efficiency.
  4. Comprehensive Supply Chain

    Leverage customizable service delivery for your portfolio with dedicated CBRE technicians and 25,000+ service provider network, all managed by 50+ CBRE supply chain professionals.


  • Proprietary Facility Management Technology
  • Customizable Service Delivery Models
  • Dedicated Account Management & 24/7 Support Center
  • Interior Maintenance Services
  • Exterior Maintenance and Management
  • Capital Projects

Connect With Us

Unlock potential in your retail and multi-site portfolios with our proprietary technology and data to enhances process, quality and simplicity in your facilities.

CBRE fmPilot built on Microsoft Dynamics 365 Field Service

Realize new levels of connectivity and operational performance through the industry’s most advanced retail integrated facility management technology. CBRE fmPilot, built on Microsoft Dynamics 365 Field Service

CBRE fmPilot demonstration

Learn About the CBRE Provider Network

The CBRE Provider Network is a program of 25,000+ service providers based in the United States and Canada that partner with CBRE to service multi-site portfolios in interior and exterior trades. 

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