Industrial & Logistics

Industrial & Logistics Food Facilities and Cold Storage

Unlocking sustainable real estate value within the nation’s cold storage and food facility environments.


CBRE Food Facilities Group is a unique, first-of-its-kind real estate practice exclusively serving the needs of cold storage, food processing and food distribution users and owners across the United States.

We help clients see distinct opportunities, create efficiencies, and accelerate growth amidst an ever-evolving landscape—delivering demand-led strategies and tech-enabled solutions.

Our depth of knowledge in food facility and cold storage environments is characteristic of longtime industry insiders.

There is rarely a food requirement we don’t touch or a challenge we can’t solve. Our seasoned food facility experts are inconstant contact with the major players with direct one-call access across our proprietary relationship network of more than 14,150+ owners and tenants nationally. They know us, and they trust us.

Our strategic and thorough approach allows us to deliver multifaceted and flexible real estate solutions today and tomorrow, including sales, leasing, expansion, development, M&A, financing, appraisal, redeployment, and sale-leaseback of a wide array of property uses.

  • Refrigerated Warehouses
  • Freezer and Cooler Distribution
  • Cold Storage Distribution
  • Food Processing
  • Industrial Bakeries
  • Dairies
  • Tri-Temp Food Warehouses
  • Bottling Plants and Canneries
  • Public Refrigerated Warehousing
  • USDA Processing
  • Dry Food Distribution

Our clients benefit from the synergy of everything we know and do throughout the entire lifecycle of real estate. With cold storage warehouses operating at full capacity, growth companies will need optimize and modernize their distribution infrastructure, which takes time and resources.

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