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The role of the Full Spectrum Academy is to nurture our workforce on their career journey from Apprenticeship to Leadership. In addition to leveraging the world class training available from the wider CBRE business, the Full Spectrum Academy has developed a comprehensive Technical Training Program, across all categories of laboratory equipment. In addition to leveraging our global network of Subject Matter Experts, we have a proven track record of partnering with industry leading manufacturers to train our workforce on how to ensure our mutual clients get the most out of their laboratory equipment. 

We have two Centres of Excellence in the US – one on the West Coast and one on the East Coast – that enable us to deliver in-depth hands on training to our engineers in an environment where they have no need to worry about damaging a customers system. Our certified Academy Faculty team is comprised of in-house subject matter experts with years of experience in the industry, and prior manufacturer experience. 

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The Full Spectrum Academy trains in the following fashion:

  • Instructor-Led / Virtual Instructor-Led
    Instructor led training may consist of 1:1, small group, or large group formats. The training may be delivered in person or through an online vehicle such as MS Teams, Zoom, etc.  The supportive materials are: Leaders Guides, Participant Guides, Handouts, etc.
  • Self-paced Learning
    Self-paced learning is housed in TalentCoach which is our system of record.  Self-paced learning is made flexible yet interactive.
  • Mixed-Reality & other technologies
    The Full Spectrum Academy team partner with CBRE’s Extended Reality Solutions team to push the boundaries of training in the 21st Century. This ranges from Remote Skills Verification through to Interactive Troubleshooting Guides.

CASE STUDY | Integrated lab and extended reality solutions: the augmented future of lab asset management with CBRE

CBRE has pioneered the use of direct collaboration with original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and on-site troubleshooting, driving forwards faster installation of systems, reducing downtime, and delivering higher productivity for clients.

CBRE employee working in a lab

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As part of SLAS (Society for Laboratory Automation and Screening) Lab of the Future podcast series, host Hannah Rosen, Ph.D., speaks with CBRE Lab Services’ Global Training Director Adam Prosho, and Head, XRS, Extended Reality Solutions Miquel Vidal, to talk about CBRE's Extended Reality Solutions which provides tech support and equipment servicing for laboratory equipment. Prosho and Vidal explain the benefits of using augmented reality in this process and how it improves service quality and reduces downtime.

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