U.S. Real Estate Market Outlook 2024 Event Recording

Executive Summary

  • There is an increased chance that the U.S. will avoid a recession and achieve a soft economic landing in 2024, but economic growth will slow and downside risks are elevated.
  • Commercial real estate investment activity likely will begin to pick up in the second half of 2024.
  • The normalization of hybrid working arrangements will continue to limit the growth of office demand.
  • Retail real estate fundamentals are expected to remain strong due to the scarcity of new construction deliveries over the past decade.
  • The industrial market is expected to remain healthy, with net absorption on par with 2023 levels.
  • The biggest wave of new apartment supply in decades will temper rent growth and improve affordability for renters in 2024.
  • The hotel industry will face headwinds to RevPAR growth in 2024, including competition from alternative lodging sources and a slower economy, but fewer Americans traveling internationally will benefit the domestic market.
  • Demand for new data center development will attract more institutional investment in 2024, as investors reallocate capital from the office sector to real estate alternatives.

Opportunity Amid Uncertainty in 2024

Compelling opportunities will emerge for commercial real estate investors in 2024, as high interest rates and an economic slowdown—perhaps even a mild recession—lead to bargain pricing for certain assets.

Secondary office assets have already seen sharply lower pricing due to rising vacancies, as hybrid working arrangements now appear permanent. Once interest rates begin to fall and inflation eases further, rehabilitation or conversion of underperforming office buildings to other uses will become more attractive and financially viable. This process will receive substantially more state and local government aid in 2024.

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Richard Barkham
Global Chief Economist & Global Head of Research

Research Leadership

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    2024 European Investor Intentions Survey

    February 5, 2024

    gettyimages_1176764676 (1)

    CBRE's 2024 European Investor Intentions Survey was conducted between November 6, 2023, and November 30, 2023. 888 Europe-based investors participated in the survey, which asked respondents a range of questions regarding their buying appetite and preferred strategies for sectors and markets in 2024.
    Respondents indicated considerably stronger purchasing and selling expectations than the year prior and are optimistic that the investment market will return to pre-inflation surge levels in the near to medium-term. However, downward pressure on pricing and a degree of yield expansion is expected to continue in the immediate term. By the second half of 2024, these trends should start to reverse.
    Investors are particularly attracted to value-add and opportunistic strategies as they search for higher returns in the current high interest rate environment. As sellers bring these types of assets to the market to generate capital, buyers with higher propensity for risk will increase their activity. Core and core-plus interest in residential and logistics also remains elevated for markets where stock is available. CBRE expects investment activity to increase in 2024, with most deal flow to occur in the second half of the year.

    Key Findings

    Buying and selling expectations are higher in 2024 than in 2023. Smaller firms, generally comprised of developers and private investors are looking to undertake an aggressive strategy, while the larger institutional investors are willing to offload assets to generate capital.
    Investors expect market activity to increase in the second half of 2024 before fully recovering to the levels registered before the global surge in inflation by the end of 2025. Allocation to real estate remains stable and as risk-free rates drop, investor appetite for property will increase. However, the tightened debt lending market still presents a major challenge for European Investors.
    Repricing will continue across certain sectors in 2024, although to a much lesser extent than in 2023. Investors have indicated that logistics, residential, and hotel assets have almost fully repriced. High street retail is expected to remain resilient. Office assets, especially in the secondary segments, as well as shopping centres, may see continued movement in 2024.
    Value-add and opportunistic strategies are at the top of investors’ minds as they seek to capture yield. Concurrently, appetite for core and core-plus strategies is at its lowest level since the relaunch of our Investor Intentions Survey series in 2021. Residential and logistics have also surpassed office as the most sought-after sectors for investment for the first time.
    The UK retained its status as the market with the highest performance expectations, while Poland emerged as a highly sought-after market in 2024. Southern Europe has continued its resurgence, and German cities and Paris remain attractive.
    While sustainability factors have come under pressure in the current capital constrained environment, most respondents are willing to consider retrofitting existing assets to meet sustainability standards. Additionally, some investors are still prepared to pay a premium to acquire green compliant assets.

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