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Integrate your real estate services across every energy, oil and gas market globally.


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We help energy companies identify opportunities to reduce cost, monetize assets, manage risks, improve efficiency and expand or contract their portfolios to support evolving real estate needs. From field service facilities and employee housing in the most remote locations, to office leasing in the densest metropolitan areas, our team offers support and assists with your growth and stabilization strategies in every geography.
Our Energy Facilities Group (EFG) strategically supports energy companies as their commercial real estate needs evolve through industry expansion and contraction. With the recent downturn in oil prices, the EFG develops strategies that reduce cost, monetize assets, manage risks, and improve efficiency across real estate portfolios. Real estate is a large expense, and as companies are being asked to do more with less, this need applies to all energy companies. Whether you’re looking to free up capital, reduce expenditures or efficiently gain market share through mergers and acquisitions, our EFG is leading the charge in these transitional times.

2021 Global Midyear Real Estate Market Outlook

Discover how continued vaccine rollouts, supportive fiscal and monetary policies and improving economic activity will influence commercial real estate globally this year and next.