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Advancing mission and financial resilience through strategic management solutions. 

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CBRE delivers fully-integrated facilities management solutions in over 110 countries. We bring innovation, optimization, and critical lessons learned from our broad commercial experience as a partner to over 1,000 public sector clients and over 90% of the Fortune 100’s real estate leadership teams. 

Our sector leadership, operations teams and partners have been curated to provide deep understanding and stewardship to unique sector leadership goals, cross-sector asset types and critical missions. 

Our service model provides transparent management to both self-and-partner-performed services across hundreds of specialty building services.  Our management goals are tied directly to our client’s core mission goals, including developing a collaborative partnership to drive local, small and diverse business inclusion within the services delivered and finances allocated.  Our clients benefit from operational excellence, cost savings and programmatic goal acceleration following CBRE’s introduction. 

CBRE’s packaged delivery of our global operating model, talented centers of excellence and dedicated and variable staff all align to drive measurably superior client outcomes in cost, safety, uptime and reliability of the critical infrastructure upon which our communities rely. Our services are currently deployed in public sector administration, transportation, education, energy creation and transmission, judicial and defense subsectors – and our team stands as a ready and willing partner to explore and attain your organization’s goals. 

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