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We’re unlocking the potential of artificial intelligence to realize value across the entire commercial real estate life cycle – from guiding investment decisions to managing buildings.

Artificial intelligence has emerged into the collective consciousness with generative AI technologies like ChatGPT. While this innovation is an important development, AI is not new. CBRE believes AI will transform commercial real estate and continues to apply AI across the organization to unlock efficiency and deliver superior client outcomes.

The opportunities to unlock value using AI in the commercial real estate life cycle start with data at scale. Our data platform, with 39 billion data points from over 300 sources, combined with a suite of enterprise-grade technology can deploy a range of AI solutions to enable individual productivity all the way to broadscale transformation.

We see the transformative potential of AI. While we have been on this journey for years and have examples of AI deployments at scale, recent advancements allow CBRE to apply the technology in new and different ways, enabling our people and core business, and enhancing client outcomes.
Sandeep DavéChief Digital & Technology Officer
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Recognizing the potential applications for AI in commercial real estate years ago, we have made strategic investments and meaningful gains, from automating lease administration to influencing portfolio optimization. And, we recently announced a significant milestone of deploying CBRE’s Smart FM Solutions, powered by our Nexus AI-based platform and the largest building operations and utilization data set in the industry, across 20,000 Global Workplace Solutions client sites, totaling 1 billion sq. ft.

A build-buy-partner approach led by our internal experts across data science, engineering, governance and accounts is accelerating the delivery of these solutions to our people and our clients. With AI playing a more important role, we’re moving forward with a pragmatic approach to real-world solutions that will continue to transform the commercial real estate business in every dimension.

Realizing AI-Enabled Client Outcomes

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Automated Lease Abstraction
25% reduction in manual lease processing time
Smart FM Analytics
65% reduction in false alarms for building maintenance
Smart FM Dynamic Cleaning
11% annual net savings on a healthcare client’s baseline
Smart FM Solutions
1B sq. ft. of client sites powered by AI and advanced analytics

CBRE’s Generative AI Platform

Recent advancements in generative AI and broad accessibility to Large Language Models (LLMs) are unlocking productivity benefits. CBRE has launched the commercial real estate industry’s first multi-LLM, self-service generative AI platform, enabling our people to interact with a variety of data classes through natural language – from generating new content and translating text, to interacting with documents in a conversational manner.

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