Philip Deboer

Vice President

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Professional Experience

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700 Commerce Drive,
Oak Brook, IL, 60523

Since 2013, Philip DeBoer has been extremely privileged to work in the industrial logistics and supply chain sector. His career started on the sales floor at Coyote Logistics, the largest freight brokerage in the world. During his tenure, Coyote was acquired by UPS. Coyote’s transformation under UPS allowed him to work with many amazing businesses and individuals throughout Chicago and the United States. This also increased Phil’s national exposure to the industrial supply chain sector, making a smooth transition into CBRE in 2017.

Today, Philip is part of a 5 person team who leverages the collective knowledge, skills and experience of each member for the benefit of their clients. With Agency and Occupier representation, they deliver an array of services to aid in the ownership and operation of commercial real estate in both local and national markets.