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Global Premier elevates property management across every dimension to realize peak performance in exceptional properties worldwide.

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Step up to Global Premier

Exceptional properties demand an elevated approach. Ours starts with a bespoke diagnostic tool to drive decisions. Then we advance the metrics that matter most, from ESG to NOI. So we realize peak performance across every dimension.

Global Premier - Property Management Elevated

Elevation in Every Dimension 

  • Digital & Technology

    Our advanced tools and services engage occupiers, integrate systems, enhance connectivity and protect against cybersecurity threats.
  • Environmental, Social & Governance

    We embrace the full spectrum of ESG—energy savings, sustainability certifications, occupier engagement, inclusive design and more.
  • Experience & Community

    Concierge services. Community activities. Elevated food and beverage. Placemaking. We curate the best for workplaces that reward.
  • Flexibility & Amenity

    We magnetize properties with features like coworking space, well-being facilities, shared event areas and outdoor community spots.
  • Training & Hospitality

    Our team excels, with elevated standards, training and audits, support services, satisfaction surveys and Net Promoter Scoring.

Optimized Approach

  • Discover 

    Elevation begins with information. Deploy our proprietary diagnostic tool to understand your goals, the market and the asset.

  • Strategize

    We curate services and amenities as we draw on CBRE’s global occupier insights, to spark occupier delight—and win loyalty.

  • Deliver

    At every step we strive for peak effect, bringing the right people and resources in hospitality, flexible space, leasing and beyond.

  • Evolve

    In today’s market, the challenges keep rising. Once we reach our goals for your property, we review the KPIs and raise the bar.

Realize Peak Performance

Take your property management to the next level.

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