CBRE fmPilot

CBRE’s Retail Integrated Facility Management Technology

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Realize new levels of connectivity and operational performance through the industry’s most advanced retail integrated facility management technology. CBRE fmPilot, built on Microsoft Dynamics 365 Field Service, fuses the expertise and scale of CBRE with the power of Microsoft Dynamics 365’s eminent field service platform. Advanced technologies such as Machine Learning (ML) and IoT, intelligent automated workflows and app integrations drive new levels of connectivity between assets, technicians and management allowing you to improve operational performance and realize material cost efficiencies.

Key Benefits

  • Machine Learning (ML) and IoT integrations that drive intelligence and efficiency
  • App integrations to realize connectivity
  • Real-time remote support to deliver superior technician assistance
  • Intelligent automated workflows to enable new levels of efficient operations

CBRE fmPilot product dashboard

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Discover how you can do more with smarter technology

Advance Facilities with Customized and Connected Experiences

Improve business outcomes and achieve better connectivity between assets and technicians through Machine Learning (ML) and IoT integrations, more asset and data insights, and access to real-time remote support.

Focus More on Strategy and Increase Team Productivity

Advance facilities management from reactive work to preventative and predictive with increased asset management data insights, self-serve scheduling, and intelligent productivity tools for real-time cross-department collaboration.

Optimize Service Operations and Delivery

Transform service delivery from a reactive work order center to a proactive profit center. Leverage a 360-degree view of unscheduled work orders, bookings, locations, routes and more. Contain operational costs with predictive travel time, the ability to schedule frontline workers outside of working hours, and enhanced work hours for requirements.

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