Sharing Language, Community and Belonging

Jesse, a transition manager in Dallas, Texas, believes in the power of engaging different perspectives to help build community and a sense of belonging.

September 18, 2023 3 Minute Read

DE&I reinforces that all perspectives are valued. By encouraging community rather than assimilation, we create a sense of belonging for each person.
This year, Jesse is celebrating his 10-year anniversary with CBRE and recently took on a new role where he supports project delivery for employees who serve our clients. In addition to a proud career at CBRE, Jesse has always looked for ways to be more deeply involved with the company outside of his daily responsibilities.

As soon as Jesse joined CBRE, he also took on leadership roles with our Hispanic and Latino-focused employee business resource group (EBRG), Hispanics Organized to Leverage our Advantage or HOLA. For Jesse, what started as a cumulation of small actions grew and gained momentum, and he now serves as the group’s Vice Chair.

“When I first joined HOLA, I was encouraged to participate and engage at whatever level I wanted regardless of my tenure or position,” Jesse explains. He emphasizes the importance of engaging with diverse perspectives and involving employees at all levels of the company. “Seeing the value and resources being placed on DE&I over the last 10 years has been motivating. DE&I is personal, so having multiple avenues where people can voice their thoughts or ideas has reinforced that all perspectives are valued. By encouraging community rather than assimilation, we create a sense of belonging for each person.”

One of the ways Jesse and HOLA are leveraging their advantage is by connecting CBRE’s Spanish speakers worldwide. "I remember my grandmother telling me that back when she was working, she would sit with others in her office and speak Spanish together because there was no opportunity to do that in their jobs. That always stuck with me.” At his suggestion, HOLA has started to host bi-lingual sessions to share information, create culture and connect people through language.

For his efforts, Jesse has been recognized externally with a Community Service Excellence award and a DE&I Champion award for leadership in his local community and workplace.

Jesse’s newest adventure started earlier this year after welcoming his first child. “Taking on fatherhood has provided added motivation for my DE&I efforts because I know I want to continue to see change and leave the world a better place for him.”

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