Creating Resilience

Managing Corporate Real Estate & Facilities: Leading and Emerging Practices

A Longitudinal Study – by CBRE & CoreNet Global, presented by CBRE Institute

January 29, 2024 12 Minute Read


Looking for a PDF of this content?

Looking for a PDF of this content?


CBRE Institute and CoreNet Global have partnered for many years to monitor both established and emerging practices in the Corporate Real Estate & Facilities (CRE&F) industry.

Our longitudinal research initiative, now in its 5th year, surveys CRE&F leaders from around the world.


This year’s research is based on findings from 87 CRE&F leaders who oversee combined global portfolios of nearly 1.3 billion square feet, with an average CRE&F organization of 90 full-time employees and an average portfolio size of 24 million square feet.

Research topics span five key categories:

  1. Mission and Key Initiatives
  2. Enterprise Alignment
  3. Organizational Structure
  4. Technology and Analytics
  5. Outsourcing Service Providers

The Big Picture

The last few years have brought tremendous change to both the world and to the workplace. Collectively, we have traversed uncharted territories which have led to an evolution of the CRE&F industry.

Corporations and organizations have embraced hybrid work. Carbon commitments have been publicly declared. And AI is on a fast-track to unimaginable change.

CRE&F has embraced a heightened purpose and accepted its role and responsibilities as a formidable enabler of business success.

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Explore detailed findings from a five-year research partnership between CBRE Institute and CoreNet Global

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