Chapter 1

Mission and Key Initiatives

Managing Corporate Real Estate & Facilities: Leading and Emerging Practices

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Approximately 89% of respondents report that the primary objective for their CRE&F teams is to enable the core business.

Additional Chapter Highlights

  • The No. 1 transformational initiative CRE&F leaders are pursuing continues to be focused on the workplace, given the mainstay of hybrid work.
  • Other major initiatives include automation, carbon reduction initiatives, functional partner collaboration, and integrating end-to-end service delivery.


The role of CRE&F teams continues to evolve, enabling the business through talent recruitment and retention, decarbonization and risk mitigation.

A notable evolution of CRE&F’s mission and purpose has been in motion for several years, with a gradual transformation of the CRE&F department from a team whose top focus is expense management to a team whose purpose is to enable the core business. The results of our 2023 research continue this trend.

And when we combine these findings with the uptick in partnership with functional groups outside CRE&F (e.g., HR and IT), we are seeing a trend of the CRE&F role expanding beyond its traditional boundaries, illustrating how CRE&F and the workplace are enabling the core business in areas such as talent recruitment and retention, decarbonization, and risk mitigation.

Figure 1: How would you describe the primary mission and priorities of your CRE&F organization? Please select your top 5 objectives.

Source: Managing Corporate Real Estate & Facilities: Leading and Emerging Practices, 2024.

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